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Sudden Words

Sudden Words that pierce you deep inside.
Sudden, unexpected.
Straight through my mindlessness they strike.

Strike deep.
Break open the shell.
Let flow. Flow. Flow.

Let me flow. Let me flow out of myself.
Into the world.
Oh let me flow my dear one. Let me flow.

The breaking of the shell, when pain turns pure, becomes joy.
The scream. The scream. The Scream.
I live. I live! I love.

Oh life you are always dance.
I love – and I flow. Just flowing.

Words, come! More!
Come to me. And cut me open.
Cut me. Cut me. Cut my shell.
Let me be. Let me. Let me.

You take count of your words?
Never! Never – they have vanished through me.
I will cut you with my words.
Till you feel the flow.

Dont matter.

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Dragon of night

Dragon of night.
I am burning in your flame.

You crushed my words,
only dust now,
blowing through the worlds.

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Beautiful bird of paradise

I feel I have got to hurry to catch the revelation I have just experienced in words to write down here.

I have just read a blog entry and listened to a song. It took me like 20 minutes. And afterwards, my heart was deeply rejoicing and I was just overspilling with gratitude for my life.

The blog entry is by Jason Mraz. Read it here.

And the song I listened to is this one.

Read it, hear it – maybe you will understand.

What did I realize though, that I want to share so much? It is my love for beauty. And I am talking about deep beauty – not the ugly shallow version that most people hunt.

No its the deep beauty that shines through the words, face and body of a person who is making themselves absolutely vulnerable by being absolutely honest. Nothing could shake me more than being a witness of this, nothing could move me more, nothing could evoke deeper feelings of love and gentleness and gratitude and joy.

This world is such a beautiful place for me. So beautiful. Unbearably beautiful. Heart-shatteringly beautiful. And this is because of the eternal, limitless beauty that lies within each soul. The moment when words could never express how deeply I am touched to see beauty. I remember how Rumi wrote about Shams. Saying something like: „Shams – what can I tell you about Shams. The truth about Shams starts where words are silent.“ I made that up just now – but it was something similar to that.

The sad truth that comes along with this revelation is how the way that I am relating to many people again and again fogs my vision of that enormous beauty in this world. Seperates me from my true soul, from this world. Part of me is very angry at those people for „fogging me“. But in the end – I believe – I will realize that the creator of this soul-clouding-fog is me and noone else. It is the choices that I make that again and again banish me from the paradise within me and around me. I am the bird of paradise, it really is just a question of opening my heart to it. And the sad truth is, that as long as I keep that heart closed, keep creating all that fog around me, I am not the bird of paradise. I am both?

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