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Our soul, is the non-physical eternal part of our existence. It is what makes us in our essence eternal beings. Death is therefore a joyful experience of re-emergence of our consciousness with the fullness of who we are. But we do not need death to experience this re-emergence. We as essentially vibrational beings can at any time tap into the essence of who we are: Our souls.

The deep

While more and more discovering the path to the deep place, I become less and less willing to wait around for anyone who does not know how to come. When you are in the depth there are no needs. Imagine when we meet there! But first I need to find a way to go there and stay there more often myself.

It is about freedom.

– How do you mean: It is about freedom?

It is all about freedom.
It is no meeting if it is not free.
If you do not come freely, you do not come at all

– Tell me more about the deep place!

Jacques said:

„You go down to the bottom of the sea, where the water isn’t even blue anymore, where the sky is only a memory, and you float there, in the silence. And you stay there, and you decide, that you’ll die for them. Only then do they start coming out. They come, and they greet you, and they judge the love you have for them. If it’s sincere, if it’s pure, they’ll be with you, and take you away forever.“

Rumi says:

„Where beloved is, is ideal place – bottom of a well or high up in space.”

Deep, like the depth of night.
The depth where you take wings.
The silent spaciousness.

Depth, like the silence at the bottom of the sea.
The deep blue sky you reach from the top of a mountain.
The vast cosmos inside you.

Everything is in the deep
And then from deep within, the laughter rises and you smile and let the world roll by.
And the tune is clear and there is sound in everything, everything.
That is the depth.

– Where do I find the depth?

You will step into it and you will let go of words.
You cannot talk yourself there, but you will feel yourself there and words might be guiding stones. But let the words lead you to the feeling.

You remember the moment you were ready to fly off into the Sky?
The depth in the eyes of your Beloved?

Look – it is all there, all the time. All the time. All the time you walk upon the depth. Everything is deep. You just need to adjust your eyesight a little.

But dont worry, the depth will take you in. It is very close by.

You will sink and your song will be heard:

Vails falling, falling, falling,
and my sight turns clearer
every time I open my eyes.

And the silence grows wider within me,
my words seem more shallow,
but my heart speaks louder in the silence.
Speaks loud through the world.

Now, I understand that my searching words have kept me from myself,
now I shall only speak what the depth has to say.

Through the ripples of my restless mind,
my soul shines through
I look and
the ripples vanish and
I am falling into myself.

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What it means to be Free II

Nina Simone said that „being free means having no fear“. And then she says: „But there is more to it – that’s not all.“

Yes – exactly! Being free, means being in your power, in your true power. When you feel fear you are most seperated from your power. You believe in your own powerlessness in your vulnerability. When you are free – you know of your absolute power, you know of the eternalness of your soul, you are love, you are clarity, and most of all: You are you. There is no bondage but our own.


Abraham Hicks says:

The freedom that is being challenged here is not being challenged by the world, but by your perception of the world. You care too much what people think.

Being free means to allow outer conditions. If you are free you dont need to control anything, you dont need to try anything. Being free also means letting others be free.

Your power is in your focus. Your power is to create your own vibration. Your power is to practice your vibration so greatly that it becomes dominant under any given circumstances. Your power is to allow your own selfishness and only follow your own guidance. Your power is to be who you are, under any given circumstances. Your power is to maintain the connection with your soul under any given circumstances.

You are free to feel love, when someone hates you.

Yes, you have control over your thoughts and your emotions. You chose your thought. And that is all you need to be free.

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Only the selfish can find their soul

O people be more selfish!

Do you think Jesus was this selfless being only wanting to serve mankind? Do you really believe that he freed you from your sins by dieing?

Quite the contrary is true. Jesus, Buddha, Mohammed, Moses, Martin Luther King and their like – they were all amazingly selfish people.

Because if you are not selfish you cannot be anything. Or rather say: You can be anything, but yourself. And if you are not yourself, then who are you? What are you?

Never sacrifice yourself for another. And thereby I mean: Never sacrifice your connection with your soul for anything or anybody. Never ever do that!

And how often do we do that – all day long?! Omar Khayyam said: You can only find God in your heart. No Haj to Mekka will bring you closer to God. The only Haj that anyone has to take is the Haj that leads to your soul.

Believe me: Mohammed or Jesus would have never want you to listen more to their words than to your own soul. God always speaks to you through your soul. God, source, life energy, whatever you want to call it, it always speaks to you through your own soul. And even if you are far away from your own soul you can always hear the calling at least. Your feelings will always tell you how close or far away you are from what you call soul.

Be selfish – listen to your soul. Do always what feels good. Be selfish.

You take great joy in uplifting or teaching or giving to others. Well sure – our soul is all about love and joy. But whatever you do, do it selfishly. Always do it selfishly. Never go about sacrificing your connection with your soul. Dont. Dont do it. It is not worth it.

You cannot give to the world if you feel empty inside. And you will feel empty when you dont listen and follow the calling of your soul.

People, the time is more than ripe. Listen to that soul of yours!

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The world in your eyes

You amazing being. I love you.

Somehow I must have always known you. I must have – even before our visit to this earth. Since KNOWING you just feels right. And hear this: You are amazing. You are breath-taking to me. I feel so honored knowing you. And more than that: I feel RIGHT knowing you. I feel REAL knowing you. Do you know how truely amazing it looks when you open your eye-lids for the first time in the morning and cast your gaze upon the world? You seem to lighten up the world with your eyes. Even more: The world becomes more real when you look at it. This moment is so special. As if a new world is born to me.

I cannot stop describing how beautiful these eyes of yours are: These beautiful gateways to your soul. I look into your eyes and I start feeling you, seeing you, breathing you. And the longer I look the more I become engulfed by the sensation of you. Your essence flows and burns around me. I so much want to touch you, want to touch you, you, you.

Oh you beautiful being. Do you know your eyes sing like music when they shine? The universe in your eyes. The sweet, sweet, sweet tune. Everywhere, in everything. Can you taste it? The sweetness, I mean.

Your eyes are worlds to me. Worlds that I enjoy so much.

Beloved sweetheart, bless me with the world of your eyes. Let me see.
Blessed be this world, blessed be this moment, blessed be you and me.
I love you my lover of my body and soul.
I love you my dear friend and companion.

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When the wise and lonely Sagarnath walked the slopes of the town of Latiram, in the dusk of a mild autumn day he came across a creek. In the shadow of a bamboo grove the creek flowed towards his hometown. After a moment of silent contemplation Sagarnath aimlessly started ambling in the opposite direction beside the purling water upwards through the hills in the evening dusk. When night began to settle, the black sillouette of a small hut appeared against the dark violet sky. The hut had been erected just next to the little creek. he could make out the outline of a person: Leaning with the back against the wooden wall of the hut, the feet dangling in the water. From the distance there was no way of telling if the sitting figure was a man or a woman.

But as he slowly approached he could hear the tuneless humming of a female voice. „Good Evening, dear sister. I am Sagarnath from the town of Latiram. May this wonderful night be a blessing upon your soul.“ Abruptly the humming had stopped. Still the woman had not moved. In the thickening darkness Sagarnath could not make out the facial features of the woman before him. For a while both were silent – only the purling of the water carrassed their ears and souls. Then the humming started again. Sagarnath sat down a few meters away looking at the stars above him. Both figures sat like that. None moved. Sagarnath felt a deep sense of peace flowing into his soul. The humming seemed to resonate somewhere deep inside him. After a while a tear rolled down his cheek.
Then the woman spoke: „Be greeted dear Sagarnath. I am Anita from the village of Kalimpur. Did you hear the mooing just now – that is the cow of my family. Our village is just behind that slope over there.“ Sagarnath did not answer, so the two of them were silent again. Anita started her humming, but this time a simple tune emerged from her lips. The stars shone, the water purled, a soft breeze caressed the hair of the two, once again the distant sound of the cow mooing was heard. After a long while another tear rolled down Sagarnath’s cheek. „Anita“, he spoke with a soft voice, „I have been roaming these hills for all my life, but until now I have never come across you, your creek, your hut and your village. I have never been looking for you, but now I have found you. This night is my blessing. I have never seen this night before.“
The two floated back into silence. One moment flowed into another till everything merged into one.

Later when a thin strip of light began growing behind their backs on the eastern horizon – warning of the dawn to come – Sagarnath stood up, a gentle smile on his lips. He turned towards his hometown and slowly let his steps lead him home.

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I love myself. I am not perfect.

I make great and small mistakes. I have strengths and weaknesses. All my life I will try to develop the Good inside of me & I will never become perfect. I may sometimes imagine, that I am or should be perfect. But that is also just one of my many mistakes. I also love myself for not recognizing or caring about my own or others’ needs. Because even when I am this seperated from the world I am just trying to serve life. Tragically maybe, but not any less beautiful.

I may not always be how I or others wish me to be like. Still I am in every moment of my existence one hundred per cent lovable – exactly the way I am. And I love myself even more the more authentic and unique I am & the less I comply with anybody’s standards about the ideal human. Through my joys and pains, through my needs and fears I only become the unique being that I am. In my human heart divine love intertwines with mortal fear. And that is for what I love myself unconditionally.

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I am here. I love you.

I am here. I love you.

You will march against your enemies to slay them brutally for all the wrong you think they have done?
Do that – I am with you, carrying your weapons and treating your wounds. I love you in your hatred and revengefullness.

You plunge in distraction and numbness to hide from one threatening thought?
Do that – I am with you, listening to your heart in your deafness. I love you through your aberrations and fears.

You are obsessively searching for healing and deliverance within your body?
Search – I am with you, watching over you. I love you in your helpless obsession and your bodily pain.

You are longing for one touch that will re-unite you with the flow of life?
Do that – I am with you holding your hand. I love you in your longing for a homecoming.

You are everything to me. Everything I love, that I find in you. Chose your path. I will always be with you. Nothing – absolutely nothing – you do could ever diminish my love for you. I love you for whatever you feel, desire and do.

And when loneliness comes hunting you, when my love for you seems nothing but a faint memory to you, then I love you the most and I am closer to you than ever.

I am here. I love you.

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Beautiful bird of paradise

I feel I have got to hurry to catch the revelation I have just experienced in words to write down here.

I have just read a blog entry and listened to a song. It took me like 20 minutes. And afterwards, my heart was deeply rejoicing and I was just overspilling with gratitude for my life.

The blog entry is by Jason Mraz. Read it here.

And the song I listened to is this one.

Read it, hear it – maybe you will understand.

What did I realize though, that I want to share so much? It is my love for beauty. And I am talking about deep beauty – not the ugly shallow version that most people hunt.

No its the deep beauty that shines through the words, face and body of a person who is making themselves absolutely vulnerable by being absolutely honest. Nothing could shake me more than being a witness of this, nothing could move me more, nothing could evoke deeper feelings of love and gentleness and gratitude and joy.

This world is such a beautiful place for me. So beautiful. Unbearably beautiful. Heart-shatteringly beautiful. And this is because of the eternal, limitless beauty that lies within each soul. The moment when words could never express how deeply I am touched to see beauty. I remember how Rumi wrote about Shams. Saying something like: „Shams – what can I tell you about Shams. The truth about Shams starts where words are silent.“ I made that up just now – but it was something similar to that.

The sad truth that comes along with this revelation is how the way that I am relating to many people again and again fogs my vision of that enormous beauty in this world. Seperates me from my true soul, from this world. Part of me is very angry at those people for „fogging me“. But in the end – I believe – I will realize that the creator of this soul-clouding-fog is me and noone else. It is the choices that I make that again and again banish me from the paradise within me and around me. I am the bird of paradise, it really is just a question of opening my heart to it. And the sad truth is, that as long as I keep that heart closed, keep creating all that fog around me, I am not the bird of paradise. I am both?

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Grateful for being born,
Grateful for dieing.

I have been laughing tears
since I have received the world in my soul,
since I have given myself to the world.

Beauty crushes my body.
Joy is burning up my heart.

How can I talk to you from the love that is drowning me?
I am dissolving into the night.
I am in love.

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