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Hearing the silence

It is crucial that I listen to the silence on a regular basis. Find my depth. Receive nurishment. Deep nurishment. Just now I rest my fingers, close my eyes and listen to this far-stretching silence.

People who scare me? People who want to sell me noise for silence. Words become helpless in such physical presence.

Silence is dark. Darkness is silent. Silence is heard with the heart maybe. To hear silence in a world of sound.

Strange for me are those voices that demonize silence. I don’t understand. Happy that I understand less and less, the older time gets.

Understanding, compassion and love for those that feel noisy, but long for their silence – not remembering how to listen for it. Only yesterday I did not remember silence.

Depth and width is what my silence achieves. It has a spacial quality. But then again not. It is different. The silence spreading from the wells of so many souls around me. There are a lot of people around me. To be this close to people and hear their silence.

Is silence a sound? At its core certainly not. But there are silent sounds. There are translations of silence that I can experience through my physical body. Silence is a word that belongs to this space-time reality, but being inspired from outside. Or rather say inside. Or say: from the other side of the mirror. Or say: from the source.

It is the darkness seeping in. The dreamsound of our world. The unhearable made hearable. The invisible made visible. The untouchable made touchable. Maybe it is the sound of the universe. And by that I mean: The universe from which our space-time reality is created.

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Silent country

Silent country,
high above the world,
where the Sky is deep
and Earth is home.

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Dragon of night

Dragon of night.
I am burning in your flame.

You crushed my words,
only dust now,
blowing through the worlds.

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