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I love myself. I am not perfect.

I make great and small mistakes. I have strengths and weaknesses. All my life I will try to develop the Good inside of me & I will never become perfect. I may sometimes imagine, that I am or should be perfect. But that is also just one of my many mistakes. I also love myself for not recognizing or caring about my own or others’ needs. Because even when I am this seperated from the world I am just trying to serve life. Tragically maybe, but not any less beautiful.

I may not always be how I or others wish me to be like. Still I am in every moment of my existence one hundred per cent lovable – exactly the way I am. And I love myself even more the more authentic and unique I am & the less I comply with anybody’s standards about the ideal human. Through my joys and pains, through my needs and fears I only become the unique being that I am. In my human heart divine love intertwines with mortal fear. And that is for what I love myself unconditionally.

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Lust for Life

What a goddamn pleasure to be alive,
to walk this earth for this short time of my life,
to be – to BE in all my sweet imperfection.

Life in its humble glory and my unsatiable lust for it.
I love this life and I love you who are sharing it with me,
breathing while I am breathing,
living while I am living.

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