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Skipping through their music

When the music plays, they weave it from the threads that they have yarned between them. Back and forth. The one who loves breathes them through their songs. His joy in the drift of time.

They skip upwards on each others melody. And when he hears it they rejoice within his eyes. The clapping and the pulse.

Then a silent note falling to the ground, through ground, into the depth that has no final echo. And while they fall the walls of their music start speaking and they rise on a pillar of light that burns into the night.

Don’t hold still, don’t hold back, you are hear to roll with our waves.

And a wrinkled brow throws ripples through those hearts that shiver and answer back lovingly. And the heart that beats the rhythm knows its ground from the stir of the beat. The pulse of re-birth. Soaring on new wings.

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Hear the dance

I will tell the story of this beautiful life. I remember.

Woman, do you remember when Life is beautiful?
Do you hear the music?
No you dont, we know. But you do. It is been long since you have been alive. Life is just around the corner.

Life is great and good and with you.
You always knew about the dance. You remember the flight? Life is glorious. Can you catch the moment when it twists. The moment you live.
Do you hear the laughter, sweet child, beloved woman?
Do you feel the movement? Do you feel life? You can, cant you?
Oh yes it hurts but it is just as joyful, just the same.
You do live. Angel, you do live.

People? One missed note.

Always hear the tune. You will be. You are.
Hear the Water and the Fire – can you remember the joy? Can you remember the joy that is? Can you remember where you are going? Oh these sweet memories of pain to come, of joy to come.
Waves follow you through the world when you soar.
There is no end.
Dance that sweet dance of yours.
Never ever despair, we know your joy.
Cant you hear your dance? You can. Jump and twist around. You know that this is the flow. It is twirling. The joy is with you.
You will find. Just remember. Always remember yourself. No way you cannot become. You are becoming.
In the seasons of life. Dont despair. Summer holds you.
The treasure are you.
And you lie down at the ocean. Breathing life.

While you were coming home. We loved you.
Can you hear the dance? You want to dance your whole life through? You do angel, you will. Never despair, we know your rejoice.
You will dance.
Your dance is close by.
Trust me.
It is.
You can hear the tune. Dont despair – it is there. Dont despair.
Life lives. Rivers flow. To Rivers. Rivers flow. To the ocean. Deep, heavy ocean.

It is joy and we will ride.
After you came here. We never were alone.
We were two together.
And then you flew away, and we became one.
You were laughing in silver tones.
Always remember the laughter that is to come. Nowhere is there an end to this.
Always. Always.
Oh sweet life, desire.
And there flows the tune again. And you spin. There is no end to this.
You. Soar. High.

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When the wise and lonely Sagarnath walked the slopes of the town of Latiram, in the dusk of a mild autumn day he came across a creek. In the shadow of a bamboo grove the creek flowed towards his hometown. After a moment of silent contemplation Sagarnath aimlessly started ambling in the opposite direction beside the purling water upwards through the hills in the evening dusk. When night began to settle, the black sillouette of a small hut appeared against the dark violet sky. The hut had been erected just next to the little creek. he could make out the outline of a person: Leaning with the back against the wooden wall of the hut, the feet dangling in the water. From the distance there was no way of telling if the sitting figure was a man or a woman.

But as he slowly approached he could hear the tuneless humming of a female voice. „Good Evening, dear sister. I am Sagarnath from the town of Latiram. May this wonderful night be a blessing upon your soul.“ Abruptly the humming had stopped. Still the woman had not moved. In the thickening darkness Sagarnath could not make out the facial features of the woman before him. For a while both were silent – only the purling of the water carrassed their ears and souls. Then the humming started again. Sagarnath sat down a few meters away looking at the stars above him. Both figures sat like that. None moved. Sagarnath felt a deep sense of peace flowing into his soul. The humming seemed to resonate somewhere deep inside him. After a while a tear rolled down his cheek.
Then the woman spoke: „Be greeted dear Sagarnath. I am Anita from the village of Kalimpur. Did you hear the mooing just now – that is the cow of my family. Our village is just behind that slope over there.“ Sagarnath did not answer, so the two of them were silent again. Anita started her humming, but this time a simple tune emerged from her lips. The stars shone, the water purled, a soft breeze caressed the hair of the two, once again the distant sound of the cow mooing was heard. After a long while another tear rolled down Sagarnath’s cheek. „Anita“, he spoke with a soft voice, „I have been roaming these hills for all my life, but until now I have never come across you, your creek, your hut and your village. I have never been looking for you, but now I have found you. This night is my blessing. I have never seen this night before.“
The two floated back into silence. One moment flowed into another till everything merged into one.

Later when a thin strip of light began growing behind their backs on the eastern horizon – warning of the dawn to come – Sagarnath stood up, a gentle smile on his lips. He turned towards his hometown and slowly let his steps lead him home.

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Jeevan ho (This is life) by Nepathya

This is the first part of a sweet Nepali song that I like:

Jeevan ho gham chaya, sukha dukha dubai huncha
jiban ho bina maya, chatpati taba huncha
samaya chakrama ghumi rahane ghadiko suero ho ki
nashama ghumi rahane kunai bhula ho ki
hasi hasi banchi dincha khushima nachi dincha
yehi ho ki yesko bani, yo jindagani
yo jindagani, yo jindagani, yo jindagani
yo jindagani, yo jindagani, yo jindagani
Life is light and darkness, happiness and pain go hand in hand.
When Life is without love, there is suffering
Is the needle of time turning in the circle of the seasons?
Is it a fault to remain spinning in the twist of love?
Smiling we live, in happiness we dance.
This is the way of this life.
This life, this life, this life.
This life, this life, this life.

You can listen to it here.

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