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Rushing slowly

We taste the language. Texture of our language.

I come to life when language comes to life in me. Life is real.

You have life and then you dance through the words.


The willingness to rise on the clarity of the moment.


I whisper, I shout language to dance and sing. To be felt. To dance around my fingers.

Language like drops (drops drops).

Language that reaches deep like breath.

Language is joy when it dances itself.

I want to speak it where it is heard. Speak it to the world. Free it from itself.


Language really that feels. A delight. A taste for thunder.


You speak the words and taste them.


And then my dear you hold your warm smile in your heart.

For the one who speaks life.


Rush slowly through their words.

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Witnessing life

Engulfed in their every day lives. Like tidal waves. Do they wash over the land.
And it is good. For they came for life. Following the light. Streaming colors in their hemispheres.

You whisper and you rush. Driven by importance. I am your witness.
Love knows you.

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Sitting on the dock of the bay

Inspired by a great song…

Sitting on the dock of the bay. Sitting in the morning sun. Ill be sitting when the evening comes.

Small waves. Plashing. Sun glittering on water. Sound of the bay. Sound of the tide.

Dreams. Easy dreams. Lazy dreams. Slow rythm. Tide. Rolling in and out.

Feet dangling in the water. Water on toes. Feet touching the water. Flapping sound of water. Thick air. Lazyness. Syrup. Slow and sluggish. Lounge.

Sun on face. Passing by. Say hello. Hello to me. I greet. I nod.

Easy life. Sweet life. Rythm.

Blowing. Wind blowing. Evening sun. Warm wind. Ease. Relaxed.

Easy ascend on the tree of life. Leisure. By the way.

Upsala. Another one. Pleasure. At home in my body. The ease of being born. Slow rythm.

Breath. Sleep. Humming. Humming sweet tunes. Looking around. Drinking the world in. As long as I enjoy. Pleasure. Satisfied pleasure.

Sounds of the water. Smell of the water. Salt. Smell of the bay.

Around me. Thick. Lazy. Seagulls. Lazy Seagulls. Fishing.

Silk rythm. Slow rythm. Enjoying the sun. In the shade. Drinking. Humming.

Yes hello – we are alive.
Yes hello – we are here.

Dreams humming the tune. Sweet melody. Dozing off, dozing in.

Shhh, listen.

Baby, sweet. Smell of oil. Smell of petrol. Smell of ships. Smell of barbecues. Dream on. Walk along the water. Tasty meat.

Waiting for nothing to happen. Drinking in. No stopping sign. No direction.

Easy floating. Easy humming.
Oh, hello you!

Time flies. Time rolls.

Humming of the engines.

Silence at night. Memory of the day. Still the plashing of the water. Plain, silky, smooth water. Rythm of the wave. Dozing off, dozing in.

Relaxed, ease. Humming. Natural. Everybody’s baby. Yellow sunshine. Melting. Rythm. Ease. Drink Water. Blanket of the shade.

Seagulls hopping. Sound of the seagulls.
People passing by.
No end and no beginning.
No time.
No reason.

Humming, heat, water, wind.
Rythm, tide, watching …

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Such a wonderful Life

Such a wonderful life. Love for life. Lust for Life. Joy. Pleasure. Lust. Desire.

Rosegarden. Fragrance. Joy. Hundreds of Pleasures.

Silent joy. Gratitude. Solemn. Morning. Evening. Rise. Fall. Thank you. Thank you.

Such a wonderful life. I have been born. Here in this world. Nowhere I came from. But here I am. So what? I breath life. Unto this world.

I love you. Would you have thought?

Such a wonderful life. No more words left to say. My soft, warm legs. Morning rain, Softness.

I like you very much. Sand on the shore. Sound of the shore. Dreams. Dreams in the air.

Let me touch you. Life, I love you. Feel alive. Feel the sun.
A ray of sun. A ray of love. A wave of love. A sound of love. A tune of love.
And it washes back at you. At me. In and out. Rythm.

The tale of life. The story-teller: Me. Questions? Not to be forgotten. Nowhere to be stored. Fast. Dont miss it. A whisper in the grass. It’s coming faster and faster.

You have remembered, maybe? Sound of delight. Sound of delight. Deep delight. Washing over the land. Washing over the world. In waves. Reaching far and near.

Warm sweet gratitude. Joy to be alive. Sunrise on the horizon. The sound of divine morning. Blessing on this earth. Blessing on my soul. Blessing on my being. Being born.

Open eyes unto the land. Open ears for the song. And my chest vibrating in sound. Open, widening – breath. Out, out, in, in.

Soon this will be forgotten and remembered again. No end to this. Delight.

Such a wonderful life. Just being alive. Such a pleasure. Such a joy.

Silver threads of rain through the curtains of the waterfall. The shiver of the breeze.

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I know you

Who are you my Beloved?
I cannot see your face,
but I can feel you.

Maybe, I see you in many faces.
Maybe, you come to me in many forms.

But whenever you come, I feel you.
I recognize you by the feeling of you.

You are not that one person, that one thing.
No, no – I know you.
You are endlessly more than that.
You are One in my knowledge of you.

You are One.
Resting in my heart.
And as you are with me,
you already Are.

Resting with you in me.
I let you flow through the worlds.
In manyfold ways.
Into my open arms.

I know you.
I know.
I know You.

You have come to me before many times.

And we rise from the vast depth of ourselves.
On each others upsurge.
Sparked by each others fire.

Always dieing, always rising.
Come my lover, let us dance again.

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The Mist

And if that is all that will ever be said between us, let me mourn the worlds unpainted, the worlds unsung. Let me mourn just for a while the color that we missed to taste. Oh my Dear, I only wanted you to open your eyes to the world. I smiled at you. But the mist was stronger. And when I called you to the dance you could not hear.

Let me mourn, so that through my tears I will enter the grove of life again. Let me mourn the sad sadness of all that we missed. Even the tears are filled with a warm promise: It all is still to come. Do you hear the tune of life? Even if this is all ever spoken between us in this lifetime, we are to continue this meeting through eternity.

But still, still let me steal this moment from eternity and let me sit here and mourn – just till dawn breaks again and the memories will be washed into the ground of the earth. My heart is fighting a struggle. My confused heart, my misty heart. I loved you and now I dont want to love you anymore – just for now.

Let me mourn, till the mist dissolves.

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If you would know the boundlessness of your life

My dear ones. My loved ones. You wonderful sweet beings whose beauty I had a chance to cast my eyes and heart upon.

I truely wish for you, that you get more a sense of the limitlessness of what you could be. I so much wish, you start allowing yourself more and release your resistance.

Yes I would love you to have this joyful sense of – I am free – I can be whoever I want to be.

I would love you to say to yourself – as if you wake up from a long long sleep: “Wow, it is not the way that I thought it to be – not at all! Quite the contrary is true: all the effort – trying things, talking, doing – that I made so far, has led me away from me. No! it is the vibrational journey that will lead me to myself.

Oh yes sure – only because I am finally realizing this, all my resistance against being myself, that I collected throughout my life, will not simply vanish. But I trust that with time and effort I can release it and start thinking thoughts that are more in alignment with my true self. Yes I know I can find a way to be more in alignment with who I really am. And first of all: Yes , I am me. I am me, and I will find out who I am.

Yes dear loved ones, I love you very much, but from now on, I will follow only my own bliss, not what you think is my bliss. I will not let anybody or anything define anymore who I am. Only me can know who I am and what I want.

And I follow my calling, because in the end that is really the only thing to do here during this beautiful life on this beautiful earth. I will follow my calling. I might stumble often, but believe me the times are over, where I believed that anyone or anything could limit myself. I can feel, how much there is to come from me. In so many areas. So much abundance. I am excited about this life. I am truely excited about this life. From now on I will use every experience to explore who I am and who I want to be.”

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Hear the dance

I will tell the story of this beautiful life. I remember.

Woman, do you remember when Life is beautiful?
Do you hear the music?
No you dont, we know. But you do. It is been long since you have been alive. Life is just around the corner.

Life is great and good and with you.
You always knew about the dance. You remember the flight? Life is glorious. Can you catch the moment when it twists. The moment you live.
Do you hear the laughter, sweet child, beloved woman?
Do you feel the movement? Do you feel life? You can, cant you?
Oh yes it hurts but it is just as joyful, just the same.
You do live. Angel, you do live.

People? One missed note.

Always hear the tune. You will be. You are.
Hear the Water and the Fire – can you remember the joy? Can you remember the joy that is? Can you remember where you are going? Oh these sweet memories of pain to come, of joy to come.
Waves follow you through the world when you soar.
There is no end.
Dance that sweet dance of yours.
Never ever despair, we know your joy.
Cant you hear your dance? You can. Jump and twist around. You know that this is the flow. It is twirling. The joy is with you.
You will find. Just remember. Always remember yourself. No way you cannot become. You are becoming.
In the seasons of life. Dont despair. Summer holds you.
The treasure are you.
And you lie down at the ocean. Breathing life.

While you were coming home. We loved you.
Can you hear the dance? You want to dance your whole life through? You do angel, you will. Never despair, we know your rejoice.
You will dance.
Your dance is close by.
Trust me.
It is.
You can hear the tune. Dont despair – it is there. Dont despair.
Life lives. Rivers flow. To Rivers. Rivers flow. To the ocean. Deep, heavy ocean.

It is joy and we will ride.
After you came here. We never were alone.
We were two together.
And then you flew away, and we became one.
You were laughing in silver tones.
Always remember the laughter that is to come. Nowhere is there an end to this.
Always. Always.
Oh sweet life, desire.
And there flows the tune again. And you spin. There is no end to this.
You. Soar. High.

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And the dreams that you dare to. Oh why, oh why can’t I?

Despite all the love for life, being alive can be hell. In search for deliverance you might dream to find peace outside of life. But you are not dead when you have died. You only stop being alive when you stop being connected with life.

See, there really is always a sun above the clouds, even if you never get to see the sun. It is there. It was there. It will be there.

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Jeevan ho (This is life) by Nepathya

This is the first part of a sweet Nepali song that I like:

Jeevan ho gham chaya, sukha dukha dubai huncha
jiban ho bina maya, chatpati taba huncha
samaya chakrama ghumi rahane ghadiko suero ho ki
nashama ghumi rahane kunai bhula ho ki
hasi hasi banchi dincha khushima nachi dincha
yehi ho ki yesko bani, yo jindagani
yo jindagani, yo jindagani, yo jindagani
yo jindagani, yo jindagani, yo jindagani
Life is light and darkness, happiness and pain go hand in hand.
When Life is without love, there is suffering
Is the needle of time turning in the circle of the seasons?
Is it a fault to remain spinning in the twist of love?
Smiling we live, in happiness we dance.
This is the way of this life.
This life, this life, this life.
This life, this life, this life.

You can listen to it here.

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