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I know you

Who are you my Beloved?
I cannot see your face,
but I can feel you.

Maybe, I see you in many faces.
Maybe, you come to me in many forms.

But whenever you come, I feel you.
I recognize you by the feeling of you.

You are not that one person, that one thing.
No, no – I know you.
You are endlessly more than that.
You are One in my knowledge of you.

You are One.
Resting in my heart.
And as you are with me,
you already Are.

Resting with you in me.
I let you flow through the worlds.
In manyfold ways.
Into my open arms.

I know you.
I know.
I know You.

You have come to me before many times.

And we rise from the vast depth of ourselves.
On each others upsurge.
Sparked by each others fire.

Always dieing, always rising.
Come my lover, let us dance again.

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Sudden Words

Sudden Words that pierce you deep inside.
Sudden, unexpected.
Straight through my mindlessness they strike.

Strike deep.
Break open the shell.
Let flow. Flow. Flow.

Let me flow. Let me flow out of myself.
Into the world.
Oh let me flow my dear one. Let me flow.

The breaking of the shell, when pain turns pure, becomes joy.
The scream. The scream. The Scream.
I live. I live! I love.

Oh life you are always dance.
I love – and I flow. Just flowing.

Words, come! More!
Come to me. And cut me open.
Cut me. Cut me. Cut my shell.
Let me be. Let me. Let me.

You take count of your words?
Never! Never – they have vanished through me.
I will cut you with my words.
Till you feel the flow.

Dont matter.

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The Mist

And if that is all that will ever be said between us, let me mourn the worlds unpainted, the worlds unsung. Let me mourn just for a while the color that we missed to taste. Oh my Dear, I only wanted you to open your eyes to the world. I smiled at you. But the mist was stronger. And when I called you to the dance you could not hear.

Let me mourn, so that through my tears I will enter the grove of life again. Let me mourn the sad sadness of all that we missed. Even the tears are filled with a warm promise: It all is still to come. Do you hear the tune of life? Even if this is all ever spoken between us in this lifetime, we are to continue this meeting through eternity.

But still, still let me steal this moment from eternity and let me sit here and mourn – just till dawn breaks again and the memories will be washed into the ground of the earth. My heart is fighting a struggle. My confused heart, my misty heart. I loved you and now I dont want to love you anymore – just for now.

Let me mourn, till the mist dissolves.

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Hear the dance

I will tell the story of this beautiful life. I remember.

Woman, do you remember when Life is beautiful?
Do you hear the music?
No you dont, we know. But you do. It is been long since you have been alive. Life is just around the corner.

Life is great and good and with you.
You always knew about the dance. You remember the flight? Life is glorious. Can you catch the moment when it twists. The moment you live.
Do you hear the laughter, sweet child, beloved woman?
Do you feel the movement? Do you feel life? You can, cant you?
Oh yes it hurts but it is just as joyful, just the same.
You do live. Angel, you do live.

People? One missed note.

Always hear the tune. You will be. You are.
Hear the Water and the Fire – can you remember the joy? Can you remember the joy that is? Can you remember where you are going? Oh these sweet memories of pain to come, of joy to come.
Waves follow you through the world when you soar.
There is no end.
Dance that sweet dance of yours.
Never ever despair, we know your joy.
Cant you hear your dance? You can. Jump and twist around. You know that this is the flow. It is twirling. The joy is with you.
You will find. Just remember. Always remember yourself. No way you cannot become. You are becoming.
In the seasons of life. Dont despair. Summer holds you.
The treasure are you.
And you lie down at the ocean. Breathing life.

While you were coming home. We loved you.
Can you hear the dance? You want to dance your whole life through? You do angel, you will. Never despair, we know your rejoice.
You will dance.
Your dance is close by.
Trust me.
It is.
You can hear the tune. Dont despair – it is there. Dont despair.
Life lives. Rivers flow. To Rivers. Rivers flow. To the ocean. Deep, heavy ocean.

It is joy and we will ride.
After you came here. We never were alone.
We were two together.
And then you flew away, and we became one.
You were laughing in silver tones.
Always remember the laughter that is to come. Nowhere is there an end to this.
Always. Always.
Oh sweet life, desire.
And there flows the tune again. And you spin. There is no end to this.
You. Soar. High.

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The sunlight in the tear

There are those times,
when I cannot help but be in love with life.

This life is amazing.

So very short,
so very random.
And so very important to me.

My little sweet life.

What made me – the ME that I am – come here on this earth?
Who am I?
Am I any seperate from this world?

Sunlight glittering in the tear on your cheek.

Sing the song.

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