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If you would know the boundlessness of your life

My dear ones. My loved ones. You wonderful sweet beings whose beauty I had a chance to cast my eyes and heart upon.

I truely wish for you, that you get more a sense of the limitlessness of what you could be. I so much wish, you start allowing yourself more and release your resistance.

Yes I would love you to have this joyful sense of – I am free – I can be whoever I want to be.

I would love you to say to yourself – as if you wake up from a long long sleep: “Wow, it is not the way that I thought it to be – not at all! Quite the contrary is true: all the effort – trying things, talking, doing – that I made so far, has led me away from me. No! it is the vibrational journey that will lead me to myself.

Oh yes sure – only because I am finally realizing this, all my resistance against being myself, that I collected throughout my life, will not simply vanish. But I trust that with time and effort I can release it and start thinking thoughts that are more in alignment with my true self. Yes I know I can find a way to be more in alignment with who I really am. And first of all: Yes , I am me. I am me, and I will find out who I am.

Yes dear loved ones, I love you very much, but from now on, I will follow only my own bliss, not what you think is my bliss. I will not let anybody or anything define anymore who I am. Only me can know who I am and what I want.

And I follow my calling, because in the end that is really the only thing to do here during this beautiful life on this beautiful earth. I will follow my calling. I might stumble often, but believe me the times are over, where I believed that anyone or anything could limit myself. I can feel, how much there is to come from me. In so many areas. So much abundance. I am excited about this life. I am truely excited about this life. From now on I will use every experience to explore who I am and who I want to be.”

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Know your Freedom

Know your freedom. Know your power!

You can have and be whatever you can imagine to be, you just have to find a way to allow it. The universe always delivers. That is all. Allowing doesnt sound difficult. Does it? I mean sure we are all trained into quite some resistance. But the word as such – „allowing“ – sounds very very easy. No?

And I can imagine many things. I mean that is the amazingness of this thought! Sure there is resistance on many subjects in my life. We are matter, we are physical beings – so it is not so surprising to have resistance. But to just know that I have the possibility to be and have whatever I want – that it just depends on my ability to allow – that means limitless power.

And this is do-able. For everyone. Because we all know which thought feels better and which thought feels worse. We have a guidance system of emotions that constantly calls us to our source, to where we want to be, to what we want to be. If something feels bad its taking us away from our source, if something feels good it is taking us towards our source. This emotional guidance system is absolutely reliable. We have a very clear guidance in us. A very clear guidance.

And if we only start to unfold our guidance power, then there is nothing to hold us back – except ourselves of course.

It is really just ourselves that can keep us from our souls. Not society, not our parents, not our lover, not our coworkers, not religion, only ourselves.

We dont trust that we can be who we want to be. We dont trust that we dont have to do anything to be who we want to be, except allowing the universe to arrange things. That is it. There are no fights to fight. We dont have to sacrifice anything. We can be ourselves in all our bloom and beauty. Thats why we decided to get born in the first place. To find our souls again and again throughout the many paths of life.

Everybody is free to feel good!

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