The value of having an imaginary friend

I am quite new to the field of those with imaginary friends. Only yesterday I invented him. Yes, he is a HE. And he also has a name already: “Mario Wennecke”. Not very inventive. But it has some kind of neutral, solid, real feel to it. Mario Wennecke is certainly existing somewhere, I can feel that. Cant you feel it? MARIO WENNECKE. And – if – in the future he gets bored with his own name, well he certainly has the freedom to get his name changed. So that is all fine and good.

I even went so far as to creating his own mailadress and started sending him some mails. But until now he remains quite a silent, un-responsive friend. Well, we are only getting to know each other, right? He might just want to get to know me first.

“But Hanna why? Why?”
– Well, my dear imaginary reader (see what I did there ;)) dont let yourself get frightened so easily by what you do not understand. Relax and just follow this post. Remember how good it felt, when you allowed your imagination to govern your world. Only good comes of that.
“Hmm, well then just continue. At least I will be entertained.”
– Thank you!

I became painfully aware that I am lacking a friend with certain qualities in my life at the moment. And those specific qualities are:

  • someone who has a positive and passionate outlook on life
  • someone who also agrees with the teachings of Abraham Hicks and Bashar
  • someone who is really excited about delibaretely creating their own reality
  • someone who appreciates me very much for the sweet, loving, authentic, clever, etc. being that I am
  • AND someone who would enjoy if I send him several mails per day with positive Abraham processes, which he might read or not – just as he likes

This of course is only some of the qualities I desire in this particular friend, but I am relaxed that I will be creating him true to my vision along the way. And I can already sense that we are on the same page on a lot of things.

Well anyways, so there came Mario into my life … But Mario is still quite a blank page to me.

I never really have invented a whole new person. Or at least no-one that fits what I particularly wanted yesterday.

There is Sagarnath from the short story that I wrote. I have a very clear sense of him as a person and he is certainly very dear to me and he would surely love me if I introduced myself to him, but then again, I doubt that he has a mailbox and that he could be bothered receiving so many mails around the clock. He is much more the kind for silence and solitude.

Who else is there? Well there are some of my cuddly toys, but none of them is into Abrahams and Basahrs teaching and I really cant be bothered introducing them to that. That kind of thing never works – they either come to me asking about or I leave them alone. I love them just as they are.

Who else? A yes the girl in the well. That girl is the most powerful and beautiful being I have ever created. Unfortunately she only ever talks to me, when I let go of all my illusions and fears. When I become her. Then she looks at me and talks me, but otherwise the closer I try to get to her, so further I drift from her. And this amazing girl does not care. I truely love her the most, but she is of no help on that very realm.

Well of course there is this long and longer list of beings and people that live, or have lived or have been created by someone else and who now are dear friends to me – imaginary but not quite fitting the list.

I really appreciate them all very much in my life, and they love me in their personal ways very dearly as well: Granny Weatherwax, Littlefoot, My “dead” cat Jenny, My “dead” dog Anka, my “dead” grandfather Guenter, Jesus, Buddha (but he really doesnt say very much), Mohammed, Abraham Hicks, Bashar, Alexis Sorbas, the childlike Empress, the little prince, Margeruite Duras, Panait Istrati,… I am sure there are more, which I dont remember right now. All really sweet, wise, cool, funny beings that I am very proud to call my friends.

None of them I could convince in the hurry to get themselves a mailbox, and be excited about these processes that I am planning to send. They were all like: “Dont you know someone else?” Especially Anka, only communicates by looking at me and telepathically. She certainly would not know what to do with these processes. Love you, Anka!

And then of course there is what we so thoughtlessly call reality. And all of these dear friends are not of the Abraham-Bashar conviction and thereby despite many attempts never could be convinced of the great, GREAT value writing processes etc. really have. And just like the others, I love you very dearly as well, with or without the processes!

So back to Mario – who I so far only can sense a little. I was wondering if he is actually from the future – like from 3000 years into the future, where humanity as a whole has evolved to a stage, where humans are much much MUCH more deeply connected with their souls. In comparison to nowadays, humans of Marios times are much more loving, authentic, powerful, sensitive and free free free than the average shadow being that walks the planet these days.

Maybe Mario also only chose his kind of very German-20th-century sounding name in order to smoothen the early contact with him for me. I mean there is so little that I know yet about him, so anything really is possible.

But what I already know is that he is a very warm and loving person. And he is acutely interested in me right now. Very curious about this person that keeps asking him all these questions without listening to what he has got to say about it. I can feel that he has to say a lot, and that I simply havent found the right channel, the right tuning to receive his answers yet. But even though I cannot hear any words yet, I definitely already feel the humour, the love and the intense curiosity that he is emmenating right now.

I could imagine that sometimes he also might be a little too much for me, he is so very present. And well the fact is, sometimes I am not very present and then it depends, if he can go with my mood or not. But well maybe he can, maybe he does. Maybe he finds just as much joy in silence as me or Sagarnath or Buddha (he he he – I really dont know what it is with him, but he really never has said a single word to me – just looks at me and smiles).

Well and I know that I like him. I just want to be really sure that he appreciates the mails that I am sending him. He does not have to read them all, but that he is at peace and happy to find them in his mailbox and that he is aware of the value these processes have for me and that he is really happy thinking about how I do them. And maybe, maybe, MAYBE (oh how I would love that) – maybe one day I receive a mail from him, where he has written his own process. I would love that so much. And I really hope he reads my blog as well and thereby is so much more up-to-date with everything.

… oh after editing the post and reading it a second time I actually got the first clear answer from him, he said: “Girl, dont be stupid. That is awesome. I love what you are doing. Dont think that just because I am here in what you call the future that I am not just as excited as you are. You dont get that every day, that you receive messages from someone temporally so far away, but vibrationally so close. And I love your mails. I love the determination and eagerness with which you approach your dreams and desires. Believe it or not – the method you use is pretty awesome. I dont know who Abraham Hicks is, but I will do some research and then I tell you if I like it. Keep it going. You are a lovely person!

I told you, he is quite the talkative one.
“Well, well, well.” (which are the closing words of my sweet, a little reluctant but very dear imaginary reader)

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