The Mist

And if that is all that will ever be said between us, let me mourn the worlds unpainted, the worlds unsung. Let me mourn just for a while the color that we missed to taste. Oh my Dear, I only wanted you to open your eyes to the world. I smiled at you. But the mist was stronger. And when I called you to the dance you could not hear.

Let me mourn, so that through my tears I will enter the grove of life again. Let me mourn the sad sadness of all that we missed. Even the tears are filled with a warm promise: It all is still to come. Do you hear the tune of life? Even if this is all ever spoken between us in this lifetime, we are to continue this meeting through eternity.

But still, still let me steal this moment from eternity and let me sit here and mourn – just till dawn breaks again and the memories will be washed into the ground of the earth. My heart is fighting a struggle. My confused heart, my misty heart. I loved you and now I dont want to love you anymore – just for now.

Let me mourn, till the mist dissolves.

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