Sudden Words

Sudden Words that pierce you deep inside.
Sudden, unexpected.
Straight through my mindlessness they strike.

Strike deep.
Break open the shell.
Let flow. Flow. Flow.

Let me flow. Let me flow out of myself.
Into the world.
Oh let me flow my dear one. Let me flow.

The breaking of the shell, when pain turns pure, becomes joy.
The scream. The scream. The Scream.
I live. I live! I love.

Oh life you are always dance.
I love – and I flow. Just flowing.

Words, come! More!
Come to me. And cut me open.
Cut me. Cut me. Cut my shell.
Let me be. Let me. Let me.

You take count of your words?
Never! Never – they have vanished through me.
I will cut you with my words.
Till you feel the flow.

Dont matter.

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