Such a wonderful Life

Such a wonderful life. Love for life. Lust for Life. Joy. Pleasure. Lust. Desire.

Rosegarden. Fragrance. Joy. Hundreds of Pleasures.

Silent joy. Gratitude. Solemn. Morning. Evening. Rise. Fall. Thank you. Thank you.

Such a wonderful life. I have been born. Here in this world. Nowhere I came from. But here I am. So what? I breath life. Unto this world.

I love you. Would you have thought?

Such a wonderful life. No more words left to say. My soft, warm legs. Morning rain, Softness.

I like you very much. Sand on the shore. Sound of the shore. Dreams. Dreams in the air.

Let me touch you. Life, I love you. Feel alive. Feel the sun.
A ray of sun. A ray of love. A wave of love. A sound of love. A tune of love.
And it washes back at you. At me. In and out. Rythm.

The tale of life. The story-teller: Me. Questions? Not to be forgotten. Nowhere to be stored. Fast. Dont miss it. A whisper in the grass. It’s coming faster and faster.

You have remembered, maybe? Sound of delight. Sound of delight. Deep delight. Washing over the land. Washing over the world. In waves. Reaching far and near.

Warm sweet gratitude. Joy to be alive. Sunrise on the horizon. The sound of divine morning. Blessing on this earth. Blessing on my soul. Blessing on my being. Being born.

Open eyes unto the land. Open ears for the song. And my chest vibrating in sound. Open, widening – breath. Out, out, in, in.

Soon this will be forgotten and remembered again. No end to this. Delight.

Such a wonderful life. Just being alive. Such a pleasure. Such a joy.

Silver threads of rain through the curtains of the waterfall. The shiver of the breeze.

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