Only the selfish can find their soul

O people be more selfish!

Do you think Jesus was this selfless being only wanting to serve mankind? Do you really believe that he freed you from your sins by dieing?

Quite the contrary is true. Jesus, Buddha, Mohammed, Moses, Martin Luther King and their like – they were all amazingly selfish people.

Because if you are not selfish you cannot be anything. Or rather say: You can be anything, but yourself. And if you are not yourself, then who are you? What are you?

Never sacrifice yourself for another. And thereby I mean: Never sacrifice your connection with your soul for anything or anybody. Never ever do that!

And how often do we do that – all day long?! Omar Khayyam said: You can only find God in your heart. No Haj to Mekka will bring you closer to God. The only Haj that anyone has to take is the Haj that leads to your soul.

Believe me: Mohammed or Jesus would have never want you to listen more to their words than to your own soul. God always speaks to you through your soul. God, source, life energy, whatever you want to call it, it always speaks to you through your own soul. And even if you are far away from your own soul you can always hear the calling at least. Your feelings will always tell you how close or far away you are from what you call soul.

Be selfish – listen to your soul. Do always what feels good. Be selfish.

You take great joy in uplifting or teaching or giving to others. Well sure – our soul is all about love and joy. But whatever you do, do it selfishly. Always do it selfishly. Never go about sacrificing your connection with your soul. Dont. Dont do it. It is not worth it.

You cannot give to the world if you feel empty inside. And you will feel empty when you dont listen and follow the calling of your soul.

People, the time is more than ripe. Listen to that soul of yours!

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