My 10+ favorite things about people that make my heart sing

I love this game that Esther Hicks (as Abraham) has mentioned: Think about something or someone that you love and make a list of the 10 favourite things that you love about it / them. It’s a feel-good game. Something to uplift you, to re-connect you with your heart, your desires, with what is important to you, with what you – as the wonderful being that you are – appreciate. I have been playing it often in the last couple of days and I also made a list of the 10 favourite things that I like about people in general. Writing this list and re-visiting it in my mind over the last days, has set something in motion on my path to more clarity.

What is your list of what you love about people?
What qualities in a person make your heart sing?
Do you make your own heart sing?

My 10+ favorite things about people

1. sincerity / honesty
2. love / kindness / compassion
3. integrity / straightness / authenticity
4. fierceness / intenseness
5. sensitivity / sensuality / subtlety
6. passion / enthusiasm
7. visionary / creativity
8. warrior energy
9. wisdom / deep understanding
10. playfulness / joy

11. curiosity / openness
12. intuition / guidance
13. introspection / self-awareness
14. presence / stillness
15. intelligence / quick, sparkling mind / logic
16. generosity

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