Me in my body

I have a body, or: I am my body.

It feels so good to contemplate just this thought.

I do exist – with or without my body. I am. I am. I am. I AM.

Leaving my body when I chose to cut my connection with it finally, it will be wonderful. Non-physical. Divine.

But having a body, being connected with/through my body – different, but so divine and amazing!

In every given moment, I do chose how connected I am with my body. I can sense my body or not. I can determine the degree of how much I sense my body. I can stop thought altogether through sensing my body. When I sense my body, I am with source.

Eckhart Tolle said how when I sense my body I sense That which is between form and formless – between physical and non-physical. Chi-energy he calls it. I love to think about Chi. I love feeling it. Everything I sense – truely sense – is Chi. Chi is my conscious connection with my body.

I love contemplating my connection of physical and non-physical that meets in my body. I love how full of joy and excitement Abraham describes their experience of Esthers body. This intense, focussed, joyful attention to the sensations in her body.

My body is my anchor in this world, in my creation of these dimensions of time and space. My anchor of focus. My anchor of focus that gives the word “me” a meaning. I am. I. I am. I am source. I am me. I am my body. I am intimately connected with everything. And I am me. The great sense of Me-ness I experience through my special, intimate connection with my body. And that is the case for every-body!

I can move my arms. It is ME who moves my arms. Who is ME? The one that moves my arms. Thank you body, for giving me ME – through my experience of you and my experience of you in interaction with this world. It is nice to be me. It is nice to have a sense of me.

You are also Matter. When I will cut our connection, when I will leave you, you as matter will transform, become part of other things and beings in this world. But right now: You and Me. Who is you and who is me? You are writing ‘Me’, but I mean ‘you’. We are so deeply connected. There is no clear line to draw between us – or if there was, there was no connection anymore. I love you so deeply. We are us.

People – I – often walk around resenting you for the perceived limitation this connection means. But maybe, quite the contrary is the case, maybe being through you is what intensifies, multiplies the options for joyful experience. Maybe I cannot do everything I imagine as fast and easy as I want it, but what I do I can experience so intensely. So greatly. So deeply. Thank you for being physical!

I might only be starting to grasp the miraculous beauty of us.

Bliss in this world comes not through transcending the body, getting rid of it, making it not “matter”, becoming only non-physical. I mean: I can re-emerge into non-physical at any moment, if I’d like to. The miracle is not the non-physical, the miracle is being non-physical in physical (or something like that). I came into this world, because of my body. My body is the manifestation of my thought of me. Body you are that beautiful anchor.

And the sweetest thing is to express my love for you, through you. Thank you for smiling back at me through you.
I love you – especially when I see you smile.
I love you – for letting me see. Oh I can see! I can see in this world. Body. My body. Thank you for your beauty!

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  1. afnan khan
    Posted July 28, 2012 at 4:30 am | Permalink

    I have a body, or: I am my body.

    It feels so good to contemplate just this thought.

    I do exist – with or without my body. I am. I am. I am. I AM.

    I am a big fan of mystic literature, mostly poetry, and the lines above give me the same kind of pleasure that I get when I read masters like Rumi, Hafiz, Mechteld of Magdeburg, Keats, Donne, shakespeare, Bulleh Shah, Waris Shah and so many others. I am not sure if these verses were written in modern times because this part sounds belonging to the classical mystic literature, which is almost obsolete now.
    I also salute author of the article above. Especially I am still lost in the philosophy of “the miracle is being non-physical in physical”. I will keep trying to grasp the wonders that this line contains and I wish I will ever succeed.
    Keep writing buddy you have got talent and the fire that the cold world most desperately needs today.

    finally I will dedicate this Rumi verse to the writer of this article.

    Several times, several times, I have freed myself from the shackles.
    From this painful cage and the trap, I have freed myself.

    warm regards,

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