I know you

Who are you my Beloved?
I cannot see your face,
but I can feel you.

Maybe, I see you in many faces.
Maybe, you come to me in many forms.

But whenever you come, I feel you.
I recognize you by the feeling of you.

You are not that one person, that one thing.
No, no – I know you.
You are endlessly more than that.
You are One in my knowledge of you.

You are One.
Resting in my heart.
And as you are with me,
you already Are.

Resting with you in me.
I let you flow through the worlds.
In manyfold ways.
Into my open arms.

I know you.
I know.
I know You.

You have come to me before many times.

And we rise from the vast depth of ourselves.
On each others upsurge.
Sparked by each others fire.

Always dieing, always rising.
Come my lover, let us dance again.

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