First steps in radical honesty and writing love letters to strangers

Writing Love Letters to Strangers

So far I have not plunged to deep into this project. Until now I have written two “love letters” to strangers, that I left somewhere outside (one at a bus stop, the other on the backseat of a parked motorbike) for a stranger to find and to feel good about – maybe, hopefully. But dont take it the wrong way: The purpose of this exercise is feeling love within myself – and if someone else also profits from it, that is even better. I certainly hope so.

Let’s see how and if this project will grow for me…

Radical Honesty

I have started scan-reading the book “Radical Honesty” by Brad Blanton. In the two videos below you will hear some first thoughts and experiences that came up through reading the book and learning about Brad Blanton’s ideas on the internet as well. There aren’t too many sources so far, but right now I am happy with what I can get.

Honesty – or say radical honesty – has always been crucial to me and my wellbeing. Unfortunately so far I havent been very succesful in overcoming my fears in order to truthfully express myself. Discovering Brad Blanton was a great relief for me, since now all of a sudden I realize that I am not as alone on the planet as I had always thought myself to be.

Right now I am very interested in learning more about the merits and the how-to’s of honestly expressing my anger.

I truely hope that I will share more of my personal development on this subject in future blog posts. And now without further ado … here are the two rather lengthy videos:

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  1. Tiago
    Posted December 23, 2012 at 11:30 am | Permalink

    I had a dream about you. You have a blog. Nice!

    Your honesty and sincerity feels to me like a gift to the world and I think that you should be sincere and honest no matter what–it feels like something that you can really use to inspire people on a whole different level. Heck, I’m inspired!

    The way your facial muscles move, the way your words come out, your energy, your voice, and everything about you — it feels as if you are putting forth all your power into being honest and sincere about your feelings, others, life and everything.

    You are undoubtedly a shining star–go forward, keep it up, and never give up! Your energy feels very courageous and honest. All I feel like saying to you is “Go! Go! Go!”


    • Posted December 29, 2012 at 9:12 am | Permalink

      Hello Tiago,

      I do appreciate your comment. I am honestly just right now a bit doubtful as to how sincere I truely was in the moment of taping those two vids.

      Having said that … I do value honesty and sincerity very much. They really are crucial values to me. In myself and others.

      Actually I don’t like the phrase “value” … it implies some moralistic, static quality. I rather call it the “state” or the “quality” of honesty and sincerity, of open-ness and vulnerability. That is what I love and what I find most valuable (here we are again). That is where life, where reality lets itself be experienced so wonderfully. That is where speech catches up with life.

      Inspiring others through being inspired myself – I love that. It is a good feeling. Joy. Love.

      All the best to you as well,

      PS.: When did you have this dream?

  2. Tiago
    Posted December 29, 2012 at 12:08 pm | Permalink

    Hi Hanna. I had the dream a week or two ago.

    You are very natural. You shared your honest impressions of the book. Many people are more linear and sequential in the way they present thoughts.

    …like a leaf flying through the forest, you are presenting what you see as you glide across the scenery with as little restriction as the human brain allows.

    And that is quite rare and beautiful. Almost everyone filters what they see, think and feel to a very strong degree. It is refreshing to see somebody attempting to not do that.

    This is a journey. You are on your own personal ship, and whether you hug a teddy bear for comfort, reach out for help with your hand, strive for balance, point a finger towards a certain direction, open up the box containing love, clench your fist and lash out at the world around you, or smile when you read this message… it’s up to you!

    P.S.: The dream was rather short and silly. You got out of the shower with a (very short) towel wrapped around your body and you just walked past me in a… er… provocative way. Short but pleasant dream, which is why I remembered it so well ;).

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