Drawn forward

In the land of the silvery night sky there lives a boyish man who is alive in the mountains and the wind. He has a name. His heart is warm and gentle and his eyes are deep. His laughter is pure and delicious are his thoughts. The beautiful world is rhythm to him.

On a soft summer’s night he dances with the light sounds of the rain towards the sky. He can hear the world rushing around him like a deep wave that is drawn out through time. And by his side rests his dear soul-mate who, like him, hears the hum of the world in its earthen pulse. They might be silent right now, with eyes closed, resting in stillness side by side, but their souls listen and their hearts sing to each other. In the silence time is swept away, just as is day and night. He hears the world calling to him – raw and wild, and tender and sweet. Drawn forward he sits up and looks at her at his side. Just stillness around them in this eternal moment. He listens to her wide listening soul and breathes the silvery softness that surrounds her. And now his overflowing tenderness washes him away into her pulse of life. His heart flies up into the clouds, into the silvery night. And he floats there for eons. Silver forms weaving on around him, very slowly at first. They weave him into their movement, slowly picking up speed. He becomes form and light. Through his body and around. And he flows into the dance.

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