If you would know the boundlessness of your life

My dear ones. My loved ones. You wonderful sweet beings whose beauty I had a chance to cast my eyes and heart upon.

I truely wish for you, that you get more a sense of the limitlessness of what you could be. I so much wish, you start allowing yourself more and release your resistance.

Yes I would love you to have this joyful sense of – I am free – I can be whoever I want to be.

I would love you to say to yourself – as if you wake up from a long long sleep: “Wow, it is not the way that I thought it to be – not at all! Quite the contrary is true: all the effort – trying things, talking, doing – that I made so far, has led me away from me. No! it is the vibrational journey that will lead me to myself.

Oh yes sure – only because I am finally realizing this, all my resistance against being myself, that I collected throughout my life, will not simply vanish. But I trust that with time and effort I can release it and start thinking thoughts that are more in alignment with my true self. Yes I know I can find a way to be more in alignment with who I really am. And first of all: Yes , I am me. I am me, and I will find out who I am.

Yes dear loved ones, I love you very much, but from now on, I will follow only my own bliss, not what you think is my bliss. I will not let anybody or anything define anymore who I am. Only me can know who I am and what I want.

And I follow my calling, because in the end that is really the only thing to do here during this beautiful life on this beautiful earth. I will follow my calling. I might stumble often, but believe me the times are over, where I believed that anyone or anything could limit myself. I can feel, how much there is to come from me. In so many areas. So much abundance. I am excited about this life. I am truely excited about this life. From now on I will use every experience to explore who I am and who I want to be.”

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