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Drawn forward

In the land of the silvery night sky there lives a boyish man who is alive in the mountains and […]

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The feeling of You

I know you. When I focus on you, I know you better than anyone else. I know you so easily, […]

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I feel your presence. Golden and warm – you walk with me. Your presence floating around me. Have we found […]

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First steps in radical honesty and writing love letters to strangers

Writing Love Letters to Strangers So far I have not plunged to deep into this project. Until now I have […]

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Self-Empathy and the power of attraction

Knowing about my power in attracting through my vibrational state supports the process of self-empathy for me. It relaxes me […]

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About the nature of masks

You cannot love a mask. There is no beauty in a mask. So you have to show your everything in […]

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Appreciating the morning light

Thank you for this wonderful morning. With your warm, joyful light. When you come to me like this it is […]

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The book “Wie in einem Traum” (“Like in a dream”) by Ulli Olvedi and its impact on my life

In a comment by Sophie under my post about my relationship with Nepal, I felt inspired to finally look up […]

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My 10+ favorite things about people that make my heart sing

I love this game that Esther Hicks (as Abraham) has mentioned: Think about something or someone that you love and […]

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Me in my body

I have a body, or: I am my body. It feels so good to contemplate just this thought. I do […]

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